Garage Organization Tips


You may love the idea of an organized home, but you probably have not given thought about your garage. You could get a lot of benefits from garage organization. After all, it is the space you get to see on a daily basis. Plus, your garage storage can give the much-needed area for your vehicles and other belongings.

With all things considered, you should give garage organization a thought. And if you are worried how to achieve this feat, do not be – you have come to the right place. Here are some brilliant garage organization tips that you should give a try from now moving forward.

#1. Magnetic Tool Holder

If you do not want the idea of using some storage racks or storage shelves, you can always get away with a magnetic tool holder. This is a perfect thing to have, so you can easily place tools like screws, screwdrivers, and Allen keys, among many others. And mind you, there is no need for you to perform some digging.

#2. Wire Shelving

One of the best ways to introduce a closet storage type in your garage is wire shelving. By doing so, you can easily maximize your garage storage. But more importantly, you can steer clear from buying those expensive shelves. Why spend a lot of money on those fixtures when you can easily replace them with some baskets and hooks?

#3. Fishing Rod Organizer

Do you often go fishing? Do you have lots of fishing rod kept in your garage? It is time for you to organize them. Not only will this trick give you the much-needed added storage space, but you can also add a pinch of beauty to your garage. You can use some PVC types and just mount them on walls. Drill some holes on these pipes, so you can stack up your rods there.

#4. Recycle Bin Hangers

Believe it or not, you can create some cool garage storage cabinets for your trash. Actually, they are more about providing space for your recycle bins. And all you need are a few pieces of scrap wood. These should be enough to keep all of those bins in a single area and, thus, prevent them from eating up so much space.

#5. Overhead Garage Space

Have you not noticed that vertical space in your garage? Well, it is time you take advantage of it. Basically, the idea is pretty straightforward: you just need to create an overhead garage space. This could be done through a garage ceiling storage or some cool garage storage cabinets. The only catch is that they must be mounted on a wall or any vertical space you have.

#6. Garage Bike Storage

Ah, bikes. If you are not careful in storing them properly, they will always end up taking a lot of storage space. What is worse is that they can cause accidents, especially when they start to fall. So, instead of worrying any of these, try incorporate beautiful garage bike storage. In most cases, you can use some mountings specifically built for your bikes and hang them on a free wall space. Not only are you able to save some space, but you can also add beauty to the overall aesthetic design of your garage.

#7. Add Some Storage Racks

Do you often find yourself having a hard time looking for a specific tool? For instance, you are trying to fix your vehicle but you could not find the open-wrench. In order for you to prevent this from happening, keep all of your tools in a certain storage location. And one of the best ways to do this is by putting up some storage racks. Of course, you can be as creative as you can get. Let’s say you try adding some labels, so you will know exactly which is which. Storage rack A could be assigned for all carpentry tools while storage rack B is meant for tools you use for fixing your car.

#8. Repurposed Paper Towel Holder

Like any other homeowner, you certainly want to keep some handy garbage bags in your garage. After all, things could sometimes get messy there. But instead of keeping your garbage bags in your kitchen – or somewhere else in your home – why not repurpose an old paper towel holder. You can mount it on a free wall space and use the skinny rod to roll the garbage bags. The next time you will need one, you will just have to slip it.

#9. Tin Can Wall Storage

This is definitely another great garage organization tip to keep in mind. You just have to use those tin cans that you often throw away. From there, you can use them to keep stuff, such as screwdrivers, paint brushes, nails, and bolts, just to name a few. They could basically work like some storage shelves meant for the said items. And just like the aforementioned, you can put labels on them so you will know the content of these tin cans.

#10. Screw Organizing

Screws are absolutely among the most important items you need to keep in your garage every now and then. But like any other tools, they can also get messy; hence, you are left scratching your head as you wonder where they are. To keep them in a single location, try going for some screw organizing. You can repurpose some old jars and use them as containers for your screws. Just make sure to keep the same sizes in a certain jar.

#11. Screwdriver Racks

Rather than buying some storage units for your screwdrivers, you can create your own screwdriver racks. You can use them to keep these tools in a single location. And apart from keeping them organized, you get to add beauty to your garage’s walls. Just like screws, you can label them as well, so you will know which is which.

#12. PVC Organizers

Another great item on this garage organization list is the PVC organizer. This one is perfect if you got some shovels and rakes, among others, to store in your garage. Just cut these PVCs according to your desired length, but make sure to use the ones with diameters that could fit into your shovels and rakes.