Garage Door Opener Repair

Are you having troubles with your garage door? Do you think it has something to do with your garage door opener? If so, then you need a professional to fix it. And when it comes to opener repair in Maryland, there is no better company than Swift Garage Door Repair.

Keep in mind that the garage door opener is one of the most important components of your garage door. It is the mechanism responsible for controlling the door’s opening and closing. Hence, if it gets broken, the overall system is affected. And if you do not get it fixed, you will be unable to use your garage at all. Do not wait for things to get worse. Call us and let our team of garage door opener professionals do the work.

Garage Door Opener Maryland Inspection

Swift Garage Door Repair is the leading service provider in greater Maryland area. For years, we have helped countless homeowners and business owners when it comes to their garage door opener repair issues. We are well-known for providing the highest quality of opener repair and maintenance.

We are consisting of a team of highly trained and well-equipped professionals. When it comes to the routine of inspection, you can trust them to immediately determine the root cause of the problem. Once they have the answers, they will immediately fix or repair your garage door opener. There is no need to worry – these experts have undergone rigorous training and have passed Swift Garage Door Repair’s battery of background checks.

Garage Door Opener Repair

When you are in need of a reliable opener repair in Maryland, Swift Garage Door Repair can help you big time. We have the expertise needed in repairing all your garage door opener problems. Plus, our technicians are certified, insured, and trained – they possess the much-needed skills in this area.

As soon as you give us a call, we will immediately mobilize our team of expert technicians. They will be tasked to look into your garage door issue. Once they are done assessing, they will come up with steps and/or recommendations as to how the problem must be fixed. Their initial goal is to conduct a guaranteed opener repair. But if the situation proves worse, they will recommend a complete installation or replacement.

Regardless of the type of opener you have, our Maryland technicians are honest and courteous. They know how to handle each one of them. Moreover, we carry some of the best brands the industry has to offer, so you can rest assured knowing that there are quality and reliability in the service we provide.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

There are various reasons why your garage door opener is faulty. And just because it is such, it does not mean it has to be replaced. That is why here at Swift Garage Door Repair, we give so much importance to inspection. It is the only way we could really determine what is causing our problems. We do not want to perform an opener repair unless we are sure about what we are dealing.

For starters, an issue to a faulty garage door opener happens when it is photoelectric eyes are installed too high. A general rule of thumb is to install them at least six inches off the ground. High than that and the mechanism will result in a faulty functionality. Worse, it could you and your family injured.

In addition, there is the possibility of having a set of pre-date photoelectric sensors. While in most cases they still tend to auto-reverse, the best thing to do is to conduct a live test. Only then will you able to determine if the issue has something to do with the photoelectric sensors.

Another common issue you are likely to face with your garage door opener is having controls that are mounted too low. Basically, the wall button of your garage door must be installed at least five inches above the standing surface. Doing so will ensure that anyone, most especially the kids, will not be able to reach the button.

No matter how big or small the issue is with your garage door opener in Maryland, never attempt to fix the problem on your own. There is a reason why our technicians at Swift Garage Door Repair undergo multiple training. All of these are done to ensure that they have the knowledge and capabilities to perform the work. Not only will you be doing more harm, but you will also pose a threat to your entire family. So, as much as possible, you should call us immediately for opener repair.

Your Go-To Opener Repair Company in Maryland

When having troubles with your garage door, particularly the opener, do not hesitate to contact us here at Swift Garage Door Repair. We will immediately send a team to get the problem fix. Trust us when it comes to this. We are your go-to opener repair company in Maryland. We look forward to hearing from you!

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