10 Signs You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

By now you already know that out of the many features in your property, the garage door is by far among the most important ones. Not only does it protect your belongings or vehicles kept inside, but it also adds aesthetic value. The latter, in particular, is specifically designed to give your property a good overall curb appeal. But perhaps your garage door’s most beneficial aspect is its ability to provide another entry point to your home or office.

But like any other house feature, your garage door works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why its parts like torsion spring or garage door springs can experience regular wear and tear. But as soon as these garage door parts get broken or become faulty, the overall functionality of your garage door is used compromised.

The tension spring or torsion spring, in particular, is an important part of your garage door since it helps in keeping the condition top-notch. If you do not want to consider a total garage spring replacement for now, it is ideal to have it checked by a professional garage door spring repair company. But first, you need to know the different signs in order to determine whether you have a broken garage door spring.

#1. Garage Door Becomes Heavy

Are you starting to notice the weight of your garage door? Do you feel like it is getting heavy every time you try to open or close it? If so, then there is no doubt that its garage door extension springs are broken. Keep in mind that it is tasked to support the heavy weight of your garage door. If the springs come loose or broken, then your garage door will come with the so-called “dead weight.”

#2. Cables Are Just Loose

Most of the time, you might think that the cables of your garage door are simply broken. However, what you probably did not expect, especially if a professional checks it, is that the springs are starting to fail. As soon as this happens, you will have a hard time operating your garage door. It just seems to be unable to deliver its daily function.

#3. A Very Noticeable Gap

Well, this one already explains it all. By essence, the garage door torsion spring is tightly-wound over the garage door. If it breaks, it unwinds. And when it does, your garage door will have a visible gap to. Do not wait for things to worsen – immediately contact a professional!

#4. Opens Only About Six Inches

As mentioned, it is the torsion spring’s responsibility to keep and hold the weight of your garage door. If it gets broken, it is almost impossible to either close or open the door. Now, this is a problem if you are just about to leave with your car as you will not have the ability to open it. Also, it can pose a huge threat to anyone, be it your pet or family.

#5. Loud Noises

Does your garage door seem to come with a loud noise every time you operate it? Is the noise so uncomfortable it can disturb your neighbours? If so, then it is time to call a professional garage door repair company.

#6. Your Garage Door Is Bent or Crooked

A bent or crooked garage door is often the result of a broken or heavily-damaged garage door extension spring. Since this spring, which is affixed to either side of your garage door, is all about pulling the door, it cannot function well if one of them is broken or loosen. That is why you have ac bent or crooked garage door.

#7. Garage Door Closes or Falls Quickly

If you close the door garage door and it tends to fall faster, then you have a broken spring. Again, it all boils down to the fact that the spring holds down the weight of the door. And since it is broken, it is unable to perform its job.

#8. Broken Cables

This is where the cables are just purely broken and they are far from being loose. If you see the cables on the ground, or maybe some of them are already disconnected from the door, then you have to call a professional right away. It holds true that broken cables rarely happen, but it does not mean cables are unbreakable. This is where the importance of regular maintenance comes in. If you do not want to experience this mess, make sure to have your door checked and maintained by a professional garage door company.

#9. Garage Door Seems to Be a Bit Jerky

A fully-functioning garage door should run smoothly without any jerk. If it is the other way around, then the springs are 100% broken. It is, in fact, considered as a tell-tale sign that your door needs immediate attention.

#10. Garage Door Cannot Be Lifted

Let’s say you have an automatic opener installed. Suddenly, your garage door does not open even after pulling the emergency lift. This only means that the springs are broken. Much like the aforementioned, do not wait for things to get worse.

Call a Professional

If you are experience one r many of these issues or signs, contact a professional and steer clear from the idea of fixing your door on your own.