Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation Services

Commercial garage doors have a distinct advantage over residential ones - their opening capacity is stronger. As a result, commercial garage doors are expected to operate several times a day. If you run a business with storage units, you’d want garage doors with a high level of durability. The less durable a garage door, the more likely parts break down over time. When garage doors no longer work properly, repairs or replacements are required.

What you need are commercial garage door services that can fix these issues right at the source. Consider Swift Garage Door Repair for dependable services. Whether you need repairs or replacements, we have you covered with our wide range of services.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

When it comes to commercial garage door openers, we use the number one supplier in garage door openers - Liftmaster. Whether you want to install openers, repair openers, or replace openers, you can count on Liftmaster. They are a reliable partner of Swift Garage Door Repair, so expect high-quality service for your garage door openers.

Liftmaster also takes into consideration your commercial building. Their openers are highly customizable, which means they can be modified to work in any environment. As a result of master craftsmanship, these durable openers are built to last.

Provided Commercial Garage Door Services

Swift Garage Door Repair offers a great selection of commercial garage door services. With years of professional experience, our team of technicians provides installation, replacement, and repair for your garage door. We work directly with Amarr and Clopay, one of the best suppliers in the business. With their assistance, we can provide expert commercial garage door repairs. If your commercial garage door needs to be fixed, or if you want to install a brand new one, give us a call. We work seven days a week to provide you with our services.

Repair and Replacement

Garage doors built for commercial purposes require a certain level of expertise and knowledge to renovate. It is because they have different moving parts that need to be looked at. These parts include panels, springs, cables, tracks, and rollers. More often than not, wear and tear can break these parts down. If your garage door is misaligned or it stopped moving, we have to inspect the parts first. Once we identify where the problem is coming from, we can get right to work with our services.

Swift Garage Door Repair offers a wide range of repairs and replacements for every part of your garage door. Our team understands the specifics of each mechanical piece, inside and out. What you get is professional service with state-of-the-art tools to get the job done.

Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken springs cause your garage door to become crooked. When torsion springs break from one side, the door’s momentum shift throws the entire system off. It can also cause cables to break when in this condition.

Since these springs can only be replaced and not repaired, we first measure them. Our team of technicians approaches it with caution since replacements can be a dangerous task. We identify whether we need to replace the right or left spring. After the measurements, we can repair the broken torsion spring with a new one of the same exact size. We make sure the springs are screwed in tightly.

Commercial Garage Door Cable Repair

When cables break due to wear and tear, the only solution is to replace them. Broken cables from one side cause extra tension on the other, which also causes them to break. The garage door becomes unbalanced as a result. You can notice this happening if the garage door is shaking or making creaking sounds.

We can fix these problems with a straightforward solution. Swift Garage Door Repair simply replaces these cables with stronger ones. We first identify the type of cables we need, then we begin the installation process.

Commercial Garage Door Roller Repair

When the rollers on your garage door crack or break, the door gets stuck in position. Broken rollers make it difficult to open and close the door in this condition. Most of the time, the rollers need to be replaced, not repaired.

Swift Garage Door Repair can assist you in this regard. We take a look at the type of rolling wheels, then we replace it with the same type. As a reminder, make sure to keep regular maintenance on the rollers every six months.

Commercial Garage Door Panel Repair

Each garage door has panels that hold the door together. If one of them bends or breaks, it can stop the door from closing properly. Most panels are replaced and not repaired, but the good thing is Swift Garage Door Repair offers replacements for bent panels.

We use the right measurements, so when we replace the panel, it blends in with your garage door. If it can be repaired, we use modern tools to straighten the panels back to their original state. Bent garage doors often become broken doors due to damage, so avoid this situation entirely with effective replacement.

Commercial Garage Door Track Repair

If your garage door moves in a disordered manner, it may be due to the tracks. One of two things can happen - your tracks are misaligned, or they are broken altogether. We can inspect the garage door and identify which of these two problems need a solution.

If you have bent tracks, our professional team can put these tracks back into their previous position. Broken tracks require replacements, which our team is certified to do. We can reposition the door safely and securely to ensure the tracks are aligned.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

As a professional garage door company, we only work with the best when it comes to the installation process. Our collaborations include Amarr and Clopay, who are industry leaders of commercial overhead doors. These are two major companies you can trust since they carry several years of experience installing garage doors. At Swift Garage Door Repair, we hold ourselves to a high standard, which means we apply the same principles to our partners. It guarantees customer satisfaction with the final result.