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Solutions for dented Garage Door panels

A garage door’s panel usually gets damaged by accident. It typically happens when backing into your garage door and you suddenly hit the bottom part of the garage door. If this problem doesn’t get fixed right away, it might affect the other parts and components of your garage door and it may also compromise the safety and security of your home.

If you notice any damage or tear on the panels of your garage door, immediately contact a professional garage door company who can immediately assess the situation and offer you the best solution just like our company. We are a garage door company that offers various solutions to garage door problems in Maryland to both residential and commercial spaces.

Important Factors to Consider for Panel Replacement

Your best option is to replace just those panels. When there are many damaged or worn out panels, then it is better to replace the whole garage door because the cost of replacing several panels may incur the same cost as totally replacing your garage door. In this case, it is better to just replace the garage door.

Another thing to consider when replacing panels in a garage door is the availability of the garage door panels for your model. There is a possibility that the garage door panel for your model is no longer available. If this is the case, the color and design of your panel replacement may not match the color and design of your current garage door panel.

There is also a possibility that the damage to the garage door panel may affect the whole functionality of your garage door. In this case, a panel replacement wouldn’t be the best solution. It may only cause more damage and may require you to spend more instead.

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Important Factors to Consider for Panel Replacement

How do you know when to replace just the garage door panels or the whole garage door? In many cases, you would only need to replace the panels that have been damaged especially the bottom panels that are prone to damage because of their proximity to the ground. The rule is, if more than two panels are damaged, it’s better to just replace your entire garage door with a new one since the cost of panel replacement for more than two panels is almost the same as getting a completely new garage door.

Replacing a panel on a garage door is a long process. It needs someone who has adequate knowledge and skills to do the replacement of the garage door panel. First of all, the technician or the person who will do the garage door panel replacement needs to carefully choose a panel that is compatible to your garage door, meaning, the color and style of the panel matches that of your current garage door.

Secondly, our team will make sure that the panel fits the garage door properly so that it won’t badly affect the function of your garage door opener and your entire garage door operating system.

We are a garage door company that is based in Maryland. We offer the best and most affordable and quality solutions to garage door problems such as garage door repair, panel replacement, garage door replacement, and a whole lot more. We offer services based on your needs and your budget.

Our licensed technicians who are in charge of doing the panel replacement are certified professionals who have undergone extensive training and have adequate knowledge and experience in performing panel replacement for garage doors.

We only offer the best solutions to our customers. Once you call us to do a garage door panel replacement, we will assess your garage door and offer you the best solution. If only one or two panels are damaged or worn out, then we would continue replacing the worn out or damaged panels but if we notice that more than two panels need to be replaced, then we would go for replacing the whole garage door since it would be more cost-effective to replace the whole garage door in this case.

If you have a damaged or worn out garage door panel, never try to do a DIY project and do the panel replacement yourself. As mentioned earlier, it takes a long process to do garage door panel replacement. You need to consult with a professional because garage doors have different mechanisms that are quite complicated and if you can’t figure them out, then you will have a hard putting the panels together properly and you might end up causing more damage which results in having to pay more.

For garage door panel replacement and other garage door concerns in Maryland, simply give us a call and we will immediately respond to your call. We will send our certified technicians to your location so that they can assess the situation and offer you the best solutions based on your budget and needs. Once they have explained everything, we will start the process of replacing the panels. We will do a final check after finishing the process and we may also require maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of your garage door. We will leave you completely satisfied with our services.

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