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Solutions for Broken Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers have an important role in the functioning of a garage door and they need to be replaced right away once they get damaged or worn out. When damaged or worn out garage door rollers don’t get repaired or replaced right away, they can put extra pressure on the joints and track which may lead to further damage to the garage door. Rollers also ensure the proper and smooth functioning of your garage door.

Garage doors have top rollers and bottom rollers and each type of roller has different methods of replacement. Rather than do a DIY project when replacing rollers on your garage door, it is much better and much safer to contact a professional company to do the roller replacement. If the roller replacement is done incorrectly, then it can be quite dangerous as it may lead to injury and damage to other properties.

We are a professional company that provides garage door repair and replacement services in Maryland. We provide the best solutions to your garage door problems. We offer quality service at an affordable price. If find the need to have your garage door rollers replaced, contact us immediately and we will be of service to you right away.

Causes of Damage to Garage Door Rollers

One of the causes of damage and tear to rollers are the lack of lubrication. The rollers, as well as the tracks and other moving parts of the garage door should be kept lubricated at all times because lubrication prevents friction from resulting in unnecessary wear on overhead garage door parts.

Maryland experiences extreme weather conditions which may affect the functionality of your garage door rollers. Cold and hot snaps, ice, and torrential rain are tough on the different parts of a garage door especially on the rollers.

Rollers are made of metal and they are very prone to rust. Rollers get damaged easily once they get rusty. Rust destroys garage door rollers.

When garage doors are open wide and for a long time, there is a build up of pressure from gravity that lets the track bow and create an area where the rollers are in too much contact with the track. As time goes by, the track bears more weight than it can actually carry resulting in the damage or wear out of the rollers.

If you feel that the rollers in your garage door need to be replaced, don’t hesitate to contact a professional garage door company like us who can provide you with top quality solutions to your garage door problems such as roller replacement. Our company is based in Maryland and we cater to customers who are in need of garage door services, whether commercial or residential, in Maryland.

We have qualified technicians who are licensed, certified, have gone through extensive training, and have years of experience in replacing garage door rollers. They are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills and they also have the right tools in performing garage door roller replacement.

Never attempt to do a DIY project in replacing rollers in your garage door because if the roller replacement is done incorrectly, it can be too dangerous and it can cost you more in the end. If rollers are not replaced correctly, the entire garage door may suddenly fall and cause injury to the people around or damage to your property. The best solution to your problem is to call a professional company like us.

Once you contact us for your roller replacement issues, we will immediately get to your location and assess the damages. We will quickly provide you with the best solution that we can offer and we will go through each step of the process with you. Once the replacement is done, we will do testing to make sure that the rollers are working fine. We will leave you satisfied with our roller replacement services.

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Signs of Broken, Damaged, or Worn Out Rollers

A typical sign that something is wrong with the rollers of your garage door is when you hear noises when operating the garage door. The noises usually resemble grinding of a metal to another metal means that the rollers are causing the other metal parts of the rolling system to create friction as they move along the track. The metal parts of a garage door are designed in such a way that they don’t come in contact with one another so when you hear grinding noises, it means that they are touching each other and are causing more damage.

A clicking sound may also indicate broken or damaged rollers. The clicking sound that you hear when opening or closing a garage door is a result of a misaligned piece of machinery that comes off track before realigning once again. It is a sign that the pressure on the misaligned pieces are causing damage.

The springs on a garage door hold a lot of tension in order to easily close or open a garage door. If you feel a resistance when closing or opening a garage door despite seeing that the springs are in good condition, then it means that the rollers may be suffering from chipping or wear.

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